Our Journey

How our journey evolved...
We pioneered SPEED DATING in Australia back in 1999 when it was very obvious that the singles market lacked a vehicle where people could meet FACE TO FACE.
You could go online and hope that when you finally met that person they weren’t 10 years older or 20 kilos heavier than their photo indicated…. you could go dancing or to a cocktail party for singles but that was real ‘hit & miss’….or you could hope that your friends were going to introduce you to someone….HELLO!!!!!
The singles scene needed an activity where you could meet lots of great singles, around the same age as you, safely, quickly, and affordably – and also where you could speak to them face to face without interruptions. 
FAST MATCH SPEED DATING became that activity, and over the next 13 years we were the benchmark for speed dating events all over the country…not only in pubs, bars and clubs but also themed events like speed dating wine tours, fitness fanatics speed dating, speed dating for academics, creatives, musicians, tradies…and more!…No matter what type of person you were looking for, there was a speed dating event somewhere around Australia which ticked your boxes.
How did Face to Face events work?
FAST MATCH brought together equal numbers of guys and girls in some of Australia’s grooviest bars and cocktail lounges for a crazy night of meeting, mingling, and getting to know you.. Each guy and girl spent 6 minutes sitting opposite each other, and getting to know one another.
After 6 minutes, we rang a bell, and the guys moved along to the next girl, but before they did, everyone decided if they would like to see that person again. If they did, they simply marked that on their match up card. After 90 minutes (including a short interval), every guy had spent 6 minutes with every girl.
We then collected the match cards, and started the matching process. Where two people said they’d BOTH like to catch up again, we updated your personal profile page (My Fast Match) and you could log in to find out with whom you matched. Easy!!
No more lost emails or waiting around for matches…but we also sent you an email just in case LOL.

Swipe Left, Swipe Right…arrgghh!

By 2015, the dating scene became all about SWPIE LEFT, SWIPE RIGHT!….

Nobody read profiles, photos weren’t real…and everyone ended up getting hundreds of cut & paste messages which had no real connection or soul. But despite that, the new world of dating apps quickly became the norm …Tinder, Bumble, Snapchat, Instagram, Hinge ….what a nightmare!!

So with all that noise on the scene, we decided to give Fast Match a rest for a while.
Then something strange happened!.
Singles started calling Fast Match again begging us to bring back ‘face to face’ dating because “swipe left, swipe right’ just wasn’t working for them. So we excitedly agreed to make a comeback…but just as we were ready to relaunch Fast Match in early 2020, COVID-19 changed the world!

Welcome to COVID dating!
When COVID hit and suddenly pubs and bars all around the country started closing, we had no venues to run our events. So thinking quickly on our feet, we “pivoted” to create a WORLD FIRST…a new ONLINE dating platform….and with that,  we became the first in the world to offer Online Speed Dating and virtual Groups events…all based on our original ‘face to face’ concept.

So now all the magic of connecting with someone 
face to face still happens… except you’re meeting on video chat…with a choice of age and activity related Speed Dating or ‘All in” Group get-togethers…all online, and totally accessible on your smartphone or laptop, right from the comfort of your own home.

Common Questions
Fast Match events are split by ages, usually 10 years from youngest to oldest.
There are a few unique attributes to our Fast Match events. Firstly, you may remain anonymous. All we display is your first name.  This name could be an alias. At the end of the event, if you wish to remain anonymous, no-one will have your contact information to bother you. Secondly, you will have an opportunity to meet up to 10 people in a unique setting – and you have each other’s undivided attention for 5 minutes. This may be a person you may otherwise never have had the opportunity (or courage) to meet. And thirdly, and most popular, our events are sheer value for money – 10 mini dates in ONE hour for the cost of a couple of drinks!…Bargain!
Fast Match pioneered Speed Dating in 1999 so nobody knows ,ore about connecting people than we do. We were the most popular speed dating agency in Australia holding events every week around the country and now we’ve gone ONLINE with an exciting new platform. We have a proven formula that works, attracting fun, energetic, and positive people of all ages and locations. 
Simply click on EVENTS and choose your country, city and preferred event. You’ll be able to book and pay for your friends also.
Absolutely not! – Fast Match is about being spontaneous. Just be yourself. You wouldn’t have questions ready in a bar so you don’t need them at Fast Match either.
It is important that you do. You can easily set one up for free at Hotmail. Gmail or Yahoo. You can use a friend’s email address but all interaction with our website and resulting emails will end up with your friend, not you.
Whatever you want – smart casual or whatever…especially if it’s ONLINE then just kick back and have fun!  Just be yourself.
Everyone usually hits the bar to continue mingling and getting to know each other more, but while COVID-19 is still a risk all our events are ONLINE..but you can keep drinking if you like HA HA.
Where two people have BOTH said that they’d like to meet again, then you’ll receive an email with contact details and your ‘My FastMatch’ members profile will be updated with Match information also. You are then free to contact them and set up a meeting.