Turned 6 minutes into a lifetime!!!

My name is Emma and I attended one of your events in Sydney

I met Gary that night and I am thrilled to say that we're getting married next Sunday!

We 'hit it off' from the moment we met and although it took us a few weeks to 'become a couple' now we are in a position where we hardly remember what it was like being without each other. Thanks Fast Match for helping us meet.

The night itself was very exciting. It was so nice to know that people were there for the same reason as you. You could tell that everybody was just keen to meet new people.

Gary was actually the second last person I met, so by the time he got to me I was a little tired (having met 10 guys before him). We just clicked instantly and found that 8 mins was nowhere near enough time. I remember going home that night and saying to my friend (who also participated in the event) that 'there was something about that tall guy'.

Fast Match was a great way for people to meet. There is no pressure, no obligation and you really have a chance to have a decent (though short) conversation before deciding if you would like to catch up with the person again.

I would recommend it to any single person!

Another Fast Match wedding - Tim and Carmen

Tim and I met at speed dating at The Office, Pirie Street, Adelaide.

I nearly pulled out on the day of the event as I was very nervous, but the organizer of the event (Sue), together with Carmen’s friend Karen (bridesmaid in our wedding) both talked me into going. Lucky they had or I would have never have met my beautiful husband to be.

We did “express speed dating” and only had 4 minutes to introduce ourselves and impress the other. We both took an immediate liking to each other but didn’t receive phone numbers until the following Monday due to a computer problem in Sydney.

I was on leave and didn’t have access to my emails so kept phoning Sue to see when we would receive them. It was a very anxious wait as I knew that the only person I wanted to catch up with again was Tim.

It was funny because my lucky number is “7” and I was number 7 on my name badge, Tim was also number 7 .. and when we finally got to talk to each other .. our table was number 7! It was meant to be. After the anxious wait and once phone numbers were exchanged, we texted each other and then talked on the phone for 2 – 3 hours every night until we met up 1.5 weeks later. We have never been apart since then. It was me saying that I loved fishing … and he was straight over!! We both share an extreme passion for fishing and camping and have just recently bought a block of land in Wallaroo where we plan to build a holiday house.

Statement from Tim: “Over 18 months ago I spent $39.00 to go speed dating, not expecting anything more than a few laughs and a few dead end dates … but I was surprised and blown away that I had met my dream girl and best friend, all in one”.

Tim proposed in May this year on a bended knee on the deck of a cabin in Wallaroo on the beach, overlooking the ocean and gorgeous sunset with champagne, flowers and candles. It was very romantic.

We are soul mates and best friends as well as being so in love and happy. We thank Fast Match for us meeting otherwise it may never have been possible. We recommend your company to everyone and have had people try it out because of our success – thank you!

And yet another Fast Match wedding - Warren & Karen

I just wanted to let you know that as a result of your Fast Match Speed Dating event at the Rising Sun in August, Karen and Warren met and on December 2008 were engaged. We got married in September the following year and our Reception was at The Rising Sun.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the work you do in bringing people together, especially us! You have made a great difference to our lives ... thank you so very much!

Another Fast Match Wedding...& a baby!

Dear Fast Match

I just wanted to let you know that I met my match at a Fast Match event in July. We have just had a baby together and we are getting married in March next year. Thank you!

I was really nervous but what a fantastic outcome!

Dear Fast Match

I thought you might like to know about the great experience I had through your business! Just over 20 months ago I attended my first (and as it turns out... the only) speed dating event with you.....I was really nervous as I had been single intentionally for one year prior to that and really didn’t want to get back into the whole‘dating’ meat market... But I went anyway – with some well timed encouragement from a friend....

And guess what – I met a wonderful man that night who has just asked me to marry him!!

WOW!! And – on top of all that we have been doing all this interstate! There were many times I was ready to give up, we have had our share of trials, hurts, growing and learning.... and have survived to get to the next stage of what I hope will be a life long journey!

I still remember the night that we met – and coming home on a floating cloud – feeling totally ‘struck’ – and hoping, wondering.. if he felt the same way about me!

And I guess he does!


I got roped into this...but found the love of my life!

It all happened on the night of late March where a lady friend of mine had introduced me to this event. She told me I can meet around 10 ladies who were single in 2 hours. I was a little reluctant to go but I thought what the hell, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The event was held at a venue in Flinders Lane Melbourne. Sitting through the event I met some very interesting ladies but one of particular. I really enjoyed the night and ended up going home with a huge smile on my face.

After a few contacts with other ladies and none working out, Helen and I ended up seeing each other on a regular basis, and really enjoyed each others company. One year and 1 month on we are still together and going strong and just last night we have decided to live together. Because of the distance between us which is like 50 kms it will bring us closer in love.

Helen was peer pressured into the fast dating that night as her friend was the organizer for the event and that's how she got involved, Not knowing what she was up for..... I hope this will encourage all you single males/ females to try one of these events,its a great night out and who knows you might win yourself a Prince/ Princess just like we did.

Yours in happiness, Danny
About time someone looked after us singles...

10 out of 10 for an exceptional site. It's about time someone got behind all us singles. Great for the lonely and the 'left-out'. Well done. I can't wait to go on my first event. Thank you I can finally get out the house and meet new friends and maybe even my soul mate

I was really nervous...but had a great night

Had a great night. I was really nervous as i cameto the event on my own (All my friends are married / defacto!) Everyone though were extremely friendly and relaxed. So I relaxed and enjoyed a great evening!

I had so much fun and met some great people!!


I wanted to write and offer my comments on a speed-dating event I attended last Saturday at Chill on Queen. I have been to speed-dating before, but in London, and I have to say that this was about a 100 times better than my UK experience.

I thought it was very professionally organised, the venue was perfect and the lady who ran the evening (Carrie) did an excellent job co-ordinating it. I had so much fun and met some great people and I would definitely come again if I don't make a long-term connection with any of the people that I met on the night. I have also suggested to some of my single friends to sign up.

Warmest regards

I'm telling all my friends about this...

I just wanted to say thank you for organising a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I'm not sure what I thought the event would really be like, as I was going along to hold the hand of my friend, but I was pleasantly surprised. 99% of the chaps were well presented, well spoken and seemed like genuine people [as genuine as you can be in 4 minutes!].

From my position at the bar, I was able to survey the room during my breaks, and the whole thing was rather interesting to watch. I think from talking to people afterwards, as most seemed to be first timers, that they were pleased too. Even if I get zero 'ticks' I have had a great time at work today telling people all about it !

So thank you. Keep up the great work !



And plenty of others.....

Melissa from Sydney

Dear Fast Match

I just wanted to let you know that last year I met the love of my life at one of your events and we are now happily married.

Thank you,


Magdalene from Adelaide

I attended the Valentines Day event with my friends at the Stag last Tuesday. Just want to congratulate you on a successful night. My friends and I much prefer the meet and greet event compared to the sit down type.

I found the people attending to be more my type and a bit more outgoing. If any more of these events are planned we would be very interested....That's if I am still single!

Thank you, Magdalen

Lauren from Adelaide

Dear Fast Match Team,

You people are way too much fun!

I had a great night, it was an experience for sure. I have told all my friends about it and now they ALL want to go along. Thanks guys - Oh and I loved the lady with the bell, I think her name was Kerryn. She was extremely good value!!

Glenn from Sydney

Hi guys,

What an insane night - 20 single girls all to my self with no interruptions or competition!...I'm never going back to a night club again! Bring on the next Fast Match!


Sonja from Melbourne

Hi there,

Just wanted to drop you a line about last night's event at the Cube. I went with 2 other girlfriends and we all had a ball, despite being very nervous and wondering what on earth we were doing there... Anyway thanks to the girls who were there to welcome us and run the event, they made life a lot easier by being so very friendly to us all.. We all agreed that we would definitely attend again ...


Greg from Cronulla

I wouldn't normally go to things like this, but this was a blast!!. Where else can you meet 10 girls in one night?? At $35.00, that's $3.50 per girl... what great value!!...Best thing about it was that everyone was so nice, no snobs, and everyone really took time out to find out something about you in those 8 minutes. - Well done Fast Match.. I'll be back!!"

Suzie from St Kilda

I had so much fun! I was a bit nervous about doing speed dating on my own but Fast Match was safe, challenging and a great way to meet some really nice guys. I've told all my girlfriends about it and we're all going to the next Fast Match together.

Dr Rick from Sydney

Guys, you run a fantastic event. Professional, well organised and the women were great. Keep up the good work!

Leiza from East Brisbane

Fun, fun , fun. I am so out of breath but I had a ball! ..thanks Fast Match

Andrew from Glenelg

You just can't meet 10 girls anywhere let alone 10 in one night. How easy does this make it for guys?? Especially since girls love to go out in groups, this at least guarantees that I'll get 8 minutes exclusively with each one!

Yo Fast Match!!

Caroline from Doncaster

My girlfriends dragged me screaming to this and I really expected to meet nothing but losers. Boy was I wrong!. Professional guys who were polite, could hold a conversation and actually wanted to know about me and my world. Just a great way to meet people.

Peter J from Sydney

You guys run the best speed dating in town. I've been to the others and none are organised as well as Fast Match. Keep it up guys. ...you are still setting the standards for all these other speed dating crowds!!

Jeanette from Brisbane

You did a fantastic job on the night (I was just a little nervous). It was really professionally done and I thought the best event for singles I have been to in a long time it was a totally relaxed atmosphere and a fun way of meeting new friends and perhaps even a date.

Irene from Sydney

I am impressed about the variety of events that you offer for singles. Keep it up! Despite the 5 million or so people who live in Sydney, it's actually a difficult place to meet people!!

Have a listen to what some Fast Match participants are saying!

ABC RADIO attended Fast Match's Xmas Party and managed to get the 'inside story' on speed dating.

....listen in!

I like it!

It's the best..

No interruptions