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Online Speed Dating the Fast Match way... a WORLD FIRST!!!
One of the world’s pioneers of Speed Dating over the past 20 years has ‘pivoted’ their operations during COVID-19 to provide an exciting new Online platform.  

Fast Match, who were one of the first operators who launched speed dating in pubs, bars and clubs in 1999, are now offering members a chance to meet thousands of singles in their own area and age group ONLINE via organised video chat events.

Simply register as a member for FREE, choose your location and age group, find an event which suits your taste, genre, lifestyle, date and time…then book in.

Using your smartphone or laptop, you’ll soon be SPEED DATING with singles from your local area for 5 minutes each and if you like them, and they like you, matches will be automatically sent to your email by Fast Match’s proprietary matching system. 
If you don’t want to speed date, then just join their VIRTUAL GROUP EVENTS and meet 10 people at the same time in a party style format…no stress, no pressure, just enjoy the banter and build your social circle with new friends.

Register now for FREE and see our calendar of events in your local area.
Fast Match 'face to face' events on hold during COVID-19
With so many government restrictions on social distancing and confusion around whether pubs and bars can or can’t host live events, we have decided to put our face to face events on hold until we get a clearer picture on COVID transmission numbers in different areas. 

In the meanwhile our ONLINE EVENTS will offer the same fun, excitement and variety as you would get face to face…right from the comfort of your own home.


Invite your friends over and all speed date online

It seems that one of the popular things to do during COVID-19 is to host a virtual house party, invite your friends, and then everyone books into the same Fast Match online speed dating or group event…pours themselves a drink, and then everyone at your place can meet the same people online. It’s just like going out to the same bar together…only ONLINE.